Lowdown Ind. - The art of River Hawkins
The truth about all things

God only created one person.  This person believed he was one of many.  God created the whole universe for this one person, and gave that man the ability to control the whole universe. 

But God never told that one man that the whole world was his.  So the man went around his daily life believing he was a very small and insignificant creature.  He felt powerless in the world.  He felt enslaved by the world.  To the man it was a prison, and he was but a leaf blowing in a cruel wind.  But in the world God created he placed messages to his one creation.  Messages in the trees, in the stones, in the trash on the side of the road.  All things were made as lessons for this one man.  This man had but to see them and the beauty of a world created only for him would be revealed. 

The man lived many years without seeing the messages. 

He suffered in his life feeling powerless against circumstances he believed were out of his control.  He fell in love and was hurt when love left him.  He worked all day for profit to afford comforts he thought he needed, and when those comforts didn't fulfill him he felt fearful of the future.  The man spent much of his time afraid of what might come next not knowing that all the while he was creating every situation in his life.  He suffered worrying about suffering.  He feared pain and so pain came.  He feared regret and so regretted.
His pleasures in life seemed hollow because he was afraid they would leave him, and they did because of his fear. 

God never spoke to him directly and so the man thought God did not care or did not exist.  But God was always there because God had created nothing else but this man and his world.  And God spoke to him constantly.  Not in a voice the man could hear, but in images the man could see. 

The clues to the man's true existence were everywhere the man went, but he refused to see them. 

The man could simply not grasp the truth that he was what the whole world was created for.  And that he himself was creating it with his intent.  Where ever the man put his focus was where the world began and ended.  When the man focused on pleasure he received pleasure.  When he focused on pain, he received pain.  And the man focused on pain a lot, so his life was filled with it.  Eventually his life was filled with so much pain that he no longer felt life was worth living. 

The man spent so much of his time thinking about the end of life that the world began to move that way.  All the other people that this man had created in his world began to kill one another.  Pain and suffering pervaded the man's world and it began to crumble apart.  The images the man saw became horrible and ugly.  The man did not know that he was making all of this happen.  He witnessed so much destruction he began to think there was nothing else to his world but suffering.  Feeling this way made the man retreat from the world he knew.  He gave up all the things in his life.  He left his loved ones behind and hid in the mountains afraid to watch the world fall apart around him.  He wandered the wilderness seeking peace of mind. 

He focused on peace and eventually peace came.

He could see it in the grass and the trees.  He saw that the stones were still and so he tried to be still as well.  He sat quietly in the woods and thought of peace.  Eventually the man felt peaceful, and because the man was creating the whole world with his thoughts, the world became more peaceful too. 

People all over this man's world began to seek peace.  Those at war gave up their weapons in the middle of battle and began to sit still.  People suffering all over the world began to feel peaceful, but the man still had no idea that he was the one creating all of it.  He stayed in the mountains many years because he found peace there and he refused to go back to a world he believed that by now had destroyed itself through hate and war. 

But actually the world had achieved peace because he had achieved peace. 

And one day the man decided to venture back to the world he use to know.  He was surprised when he saw that people had given up their weapons and their hate.  He was amazed that the people had taken to sitting still and contemplating peace.  He thought God must have come and changed the world and the people, but God had not interfered at all.  He began to praise God and think of God as great and powerful.  He began to see God everywhere and the lessons God hid in all things began to become clear. 

One day he sat alone thinking of God, and he began to laugh. 

He laughed hysterically as he thought of God, he rolled on the ground gripping his belly laughing uncontrollably.  He thought of God and laughed, because God had come.  He saw God and God was laughing.  He felt a happiness that he had never experienced before.  The whole world went away and it was only him and God, laughing.  You see the man finally realized that he had created the whole world and that even God himself was made up by him.  And the God he created was a joker playing a practical joke on him.  He finally saw that there was no God, no world, no pain, no pleasure. 

There was only him playing a joke on himself.  

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