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           the urge to suck

I'm trying to send every politician in America a "Please, resist the urge to suck." postcard.

They look like this:

There's a shit load of politicians in America, and I don't want to write out all those postcards by hand all by myself so I'm looking for a few patriotic Americans that might want to volunteer to write in their favorite politician's address and then pay for postage and send it out.

If you want to help just CONTACT ME and I'll send some out to you.  Having the postcards printed and shipped costs me money so if you feel like donating to the cause don't hesitate to give generously. 

Here's the web address for contacting your congress person: www.contactingthecongress.org


No, I'm just kidding.  This is just a pointless endeavor that will most likely be completely ignored.  Much like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
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