Lowdown Ind. - The art of River Hawkins
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I know you can't tell by my Lowdown comics but, as it turns out, I'm actually a really talented artist. Here are some examples. If you're interested in purchasing a piece of mine just contact me through my email at thattheythem@yahoo.com

ScarredThe SwanThe Marionette has some broken stringsOn a windy day
Pacify HerThe MothsIt wasn't meThe Hero's Journey
The artistDr. Frosteye am falling apartProduct Placement
I made her beautifulPoisonous GardenThwack Thwack tickle tickleI got my good eye on you
DanaMy greatest performance It takes a while to get a drink in this jointNatasha
Bukowskiwe are the leaves, we are the cut, we are the fallThe lightAfter the battle
Blew loveOne thing about Eugene I never could stomach...     all the damn boogeymenGirls, curls and leadI feel pretty
NatashaCHebaHut MuralChebaHut mural There once was a girl who had a little curl...    she was cracked
Samurai JaneSuch a crumbling beautyJoypainting the roses red
Stranger SexMeThe girl's a blurAngel Pie
Costumes on MarsDoody spins manThe Hero and the Horror

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